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Know About Bardhaman

Bardhaman, Burdwan is the district of West Bengal. It is one of the prosperous districts. Being in a geographical position it acts as the lifeline for the whole state as the main transport and river system passes through it. Bardhaman is one of the ancient places in India. Right from the 6th Century BCE when the 24th Jain Tirthankar Vardhamana Mahavira spent some time in Astikagram, which was later renamed as Vardhaman in his honour is now the district capital and alternatively named as Bardhaman? It has a multicultural heritage throughout the history. During the British rule it used to be an important center as it was in the times of the Mughals, Pathans and the Marathas. In the present era Burdwan is a place where both Industry and Agriculture has flourished together. Throughout the Western part of the district there is Industry and the Eastern part is best known for its Agriculture. Bardhaman is known as the 'Rice Go-down of West Bengal' due to the huge production. It is the best example for the Industrialization of the state. Bardhaman also performs a key factor for determining the political demography of the state.

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