Bardhaman Geography and Demography

It is a district of West Bengal. The main administrative town is Bardhaman. It covers an area of 7024 square km. It is surrounded by the Birbhum district on the north, Murshidabad on the north-east, Nadia on the east. In the south-east it is surrounded by Hooghly, on the south by Bankura, south-west by Purulia and the north-west by the state of Jharkhand. It is a district with 6 subdivisions. Sadar North, Sadar South, Kalna, Katwa, Durgapur and Asansol. Two major river runs in between the district the Damodar and the Ajay. There is hardly any difference in altitude throughout the whole district.

The sex ratio of Bardhaman is 921 females per 1000 males i.e., there are 52% male as compared to 48% females. Bengali, and Hindi are the main languages spoken in the district, though some local languages are spoken in the remote parts. Most of the inhabitats here are Hindu, however Muslims are there in great numbers.

It was among the first districts to have a 100% literacy rate. The recent literacy rate is 77%, higher than the national average i.e. 59.5%. The literacy percentage is shared as 55% to male and 45% to female while 9% of the population is under the age of 6 years.