Places to Visit

Bardhaman with its enormous historical background is an important tourist place. As one of the advanced districts of West Bengal, Bardhaman has quite a number of travel and tourism spots which includes old temples, mosques, monuments, museums, gardens, parks and many more.

As a traveler one can find 108 Shiva temples both in Bardhaman and Kalna, built by Rani Bishnu Kumari in the 18th century. The Sarbamangala Mandir situated in the city of Bardhaman, also considered along with the Dakshineswar, Tarakeswar and Tarapith temples. The main attraction is the 1000 years old deity of goddess Durga with 18 arms bestowed on lion. Curzon gate also known as Bijoy Toran is a majestic attraction present high in Bardhaman city presenting the gateway to the Royal Palace about one kilometers away. The tomb of Sher Afgan the first husband of the famous queen of India Nurjahan is also a place of great interest. As a mark of technological advancement the Meghnad Saha Planetarium is situated in the University of Burdwan near the Science Centre with its museum. Golap Bag or the Garden of Roses is actually the Botanical and Zoological garden established during the Kings is now the University campus where Hawa Mahal along with Ramana Bagan and Bijoy Bahar are the places of major tourist attraction. Kankaleshwari Kalibari a temple with eight handed goddess is a place of great importance to devotees and pilgrims. The tomb of famous mughal warrior Khwaja Anwar can be found in the well populated area of old Bardhaman. The Kamalakanta Kalibari associated with the famous devotee poet Kamalakanta is a place where people gathers during the festive season of pujas. One can take the advantage of boating in a lake in Krishnasayer Eco Garden along with the park.

One can find temples built with bricks and intricate terracotta designs of the medieval times in Kalna, the place with great importance for the Vaisnabs. It is 50 kms from Bardhaman. One can also find the Siddheswari temple of Goddess Siddheswari Ambika in Kalna.

The Shah Alam's Darga built by Murshidkuli Khan in the 18th century is situated in Katwa.

India's biggest locomotive factory is located in Chittaranjan-the workshops are open for the visitors and tourists. The Durgapur Barrage is also a place to visit along with the Maithon Dam in Maithon on the River Barakar. These serves as major picnic spots during the winters. Maithon is also known for Kalyaneswari temple and Churulia- the birth place of Kazi Nazrul Islam. The Kanksa Block in the district of Bardhaman is famous for huge temples made of burnt bricks. Kogram in the Mangalkot block is believed to be the capital of Vikramaditya the then named as Ujani and Khirogram is believed to be one of the 51 Satipiths where goddess Jogadda is residing. Thus these two provide a rich tourist background both historically and mythologically.